B Skincare

B Skincare was formulated and developed over 18 months by Tina and Alexa and was introduced to Burghley in November 2015. It is a compact skincare range that clearly follows the ethos of Burghley. Good quality ingredients, avoidance of chemicals and luxury products clients and therapists will love to use.

Our range consists of six main daily products that can be layered according to skin type and needs. We also have three prescription masks and massage candles to add luxury and continued care of the skin.

Alongside the new products we designed signature facial treatments, once again encapsulating Burghley’s ethos of holistic care. All our facials begin with a zone therapy foot massage and are adapted to suit the needs of our clients skin on the day. We have also added Sensory eye and Lip treatments to our menu enabling us to thoroughly treat areas of concern for clients.

B Skincare is totally exclusive to Burghley Hair-Beauty-Academy.

If more information or to book a B Skincare facial please call or email the salon.