Hairdressing Courses: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all NVQs are the same wherever you choose to train. The difference lies in the class sizes and the methods of training.

The total cost of each course is subject to tuition fees, assessment fees and VAT. An initial 10% is required when booking a course with the balance payable by instalments.

All students are required to purchase a basic kit. Students will also require a uniform. All students are required to purchase a set of text books, all are available from good book stores.

All courses are subject to continuous practical and theoretical assessment and this means that students are tested on a regular basis throughout the length of their course. A final multiple choice question paper accompanies each unit at level 2 and a more detailed paper accompanies each unit at level 3.

Career progression is a very important part of all courses and as such guidance is continuous. We recommend that full time students have a Saturday job of some sort at the start of their course, usually in retail to get experience of working with the public. As each student progresses through the first part of their course, there is the opportunity of gaining employment within the hairdressing sector. Work experience at Burghley Academy as part of the full time course ensures that students are equipped by the end of the first year to apply for salon work. Part time students with prior working and life skills become employable very quickly and for all types of students at Burghley Academy, we can open many doors leading to employment and help to prepare a student for the world of work – the rest is up to them.

As a result of the initial enquiry, a prospective student is invited to visit the Academy for an informal interview (with parents if under 18). This involves a meeting of approx. one hour with our principal Tina Parsons who will outline the details of the courses, give a tour of the college and answer any queries. We then suggest that you spend a day with the students in order to observe lessons in progress and to get an ‘inside view’ of the Academy before you decide if it is the right place for you. If you wish to go ahead, then another meeting is scheduled for the booking process. We do not select you – you select us and that selection is on a first come, first served basis.

You are never too old to return to study. At the start of any course, the emphasis is on the skill of the teacher to ensure that all students are comfortable with the learning process. As our classes are so small, we are able to adapt our methods of teaching to meet the specific needs of each individual. As the course progresses, each student begins to take greater responsibility for their own learning under the continued guidance of their teacher until such time as they become not only competent, but also confident in their new skills.