Student Testimonials

I am more than happy that I chose Burghley Academy as my training provider. The lecturers are so inspirational, knowledgeable and friendly. They take great care to ensure that each student reaches the highest standard. I loved my time at Burghley and will miss going there every week. Burghley will be the only choice for me for future beauty/holistic therapy training. Thank you Tina and Alexa. X

Lucia Hawes

My name is Jana and I come from Slovakia. A few years ago I found that I wanted to work as a therapist to help people to feel and look better. When I moved to England I decided to attend a Swedish Body Massage and Reflexology course. I am glad that I chose Burghley Academy, not only because of their professionalism and quality of education but also because of the friendly, personal and helpful approach from tutors and other staff. Studying in English as my second language was not easy but my tutors were always willing to help me. Thank you very much Alexa and Tina. I enjoyed every lesson. This period was a life changing experience for me and I will keep these nice memories with me. Thank you.

Jana Kovacova

I first met Tina four years ago when she interviewed me with regard to starting a course, she immediately put me at my ease as I was considering a drastic career change, by the end of the meeting Tina had given me the confidence I needed to fulfil my ambitions

Tina is a remarkable lady, she is kind, fair, trustworthy and an amazing teacher. Her experience as a therapist and a teacher is extensive.

Tina never judges and shows great interest in people in their background, their life and their concerns she is a true confidante.

I would trust Tina with any issues I had in the future whether personal or professional and I have been proud to call her my teacher and I am proud to call her my friend.

Elizabeth Kirby,
Holistic Beauty Therapist

Tina is an inspirational person with extensive knowledge and experience. Her passion for the beauty industry and compassion for her students is outstanding. I feel honoured to have been trained by Tina Parsons.

Jeni Sharpe,
Therapist/Recruitment Specialist for the Beauty Industry.

Tina is truly dedicated to the Beauty Industry.

Her knowledge and professionalism is outstanding. With her understanding and experience she is an inspiration to those who meet her. I have been lucky enough to have known her for over 10 years.

Myself and fellow beauty therapists who have ever met and been trained or worked with Tina are inspired and the knowledge, professionalism and confidence is excellent….which is all thanks and credited to Tina.

Nicole Palmer-Dimmock

Tina Parsons and Burghley Academy changed my life.

A year ago I would never have believed that I would become a professional therapist, doing a job I love and getting positive feedback.

As a mature student I was full of trepidation at the beginning of my course but under Tina’s expert guidance and tuition I not only leaned quickly but also thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Tina’s passion for her profession comes across in her teaching and she is endlessly encouraging to all her students. Small class sizes mean that every student gets the attention they need and that they are all taught to a very high standard.

Tina genuinely cares about all her students’ successes and is always on hand to offer sound advice and inspiration.

My confidence soared during my year at Burghley Academy and thanks to Tina I am now a fully qualified and happy, working therapist.

Tamara Summer,
Holistic Therapist

As a former student at Burghley Academy I have taken some of Tina’s philosophies first hand and adopted them as my own.

Learning at Burghley is very structured and professional, with a strong emphasis on creating an environment in which students can flourish.

On the theoretical side, Tina has the ability to use analogies in an appropriate way in order to make complex subject matters become clear.

On a practical level, Tina encourages attention to detail whilst also using gentle insistence on professionalism.

Jan Wasling,
Close Health & Beauty

From the day I began my training with Tina as a beauty therapist I have looked up to and respected her. Tina’s depth of knowledge, her professionalism and caring approach for all clients, students and teachers have helped her to achieve so much in the beauty industry. Tina has given me a real buzz for teaching, giving me huge support and mentoring through both my teaching and assessing qualifications. As many have said to me, she is a real inspiration, bringing the best out in everyone, Tina has been instrumental for where I am today and for that I am truly grateful.

Jess Dovaston,
Beauty Therapy Lecturer and Assessor

During 1995 I enrolled on a Manicure and Pedicure course as a part time student at Burghley Academy. The lessons were taught by a very knowledgeable, experienced educator; Tina Parsons. Tina was passionate about her teaching; she was and is a marvellous teacher. I found Tina to be extremely motivating and she inspired me to learn more subjects and I did not leave until I became pregnant with my second child in 1997.

Later I used the wealth of knowledge I had gained at Burghley Academy and set up my own business; The Essential Touch, which is now in its 10th year of business.

Inspired by the professionalism and perfection of Tina and her teaching team, their attention to detail with their teaching methods and their experience of the beauty business; I decided that I to wanted to become a Beauty Therapy lecturer at Burghley Academy.

I have now worked for Tina as a part time educator for five years. Tina has been an excellent and very supportive mentor for me, guiding me and offering continued support as I have developed my teaching skills and techniques. Tina has further educated me with fascinating facts with regard to Beauty Therapy knowledge and teaching skills.

I give her my thanks for the knowledge I have gained to date and hope to continue to learn more in the future.

Joanne Esdale,
Essential Touch

With a career that had spanned over 16 years at the point which I met Tina Parsons I can without doubt say I had never met anyone in my life that had truly inspired me. This was about to change as I stepped through the doors of Burghley Academy for my first meeting with someone that would soon become my Mentor, Business Inspiration and eventually a true friend. Tina’s passion for teaching certainly comes through in all her lessons and during my time as one of her students I suddenly found she had awoken an interest and desire in me to learn more, something I had never felt in my earlier educational years; a truly amazing women!

Samantha Hiseman,

I have known Tina Parsons for 16 years. During this time she has played various different roles in my life. She has been a teacher, a mentor, a friend, an employer and a constant source of inspiration.

My vocational training with Burghley Academy was second to none. Tina’s commitment to her students and high standards were as constant then as they are today.

After completion of my training, Tina became my employer. I have always found her to be incredibly supportive, fair and considerate. She has placed great value on my job satisfaction and has encouraged and facilitated my self-development and advancement of my skills. She leads by example and is consistent in her dedication and hard work. It has been a pleasure to be a member of the Burghley Academy team.

Tina has given me guidance throughout my professional life. I have looked to her for advice on many things, from professionalism and updating my skills and qualifications, to concerns within my job role and with beauty and holistic therapies.

I will always have great admiration for Tina. Her commitment to the Beauty Industry is exceptional. Her support, both professionally and personally, is invaluable. Her pursuit of knowledge and her insistence on high standards are inspirational.

Pam Reed,
Beauty and Holistic Therapy
Assessor and Verifier

I attended Burghley Academy on a part time basis for about 2 years. I studied several Beauty and Holistic courses, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. When I went to see Tina I had two very young children but she assured and encouraged me that I could still study and manage family life. A study programme was put together that fitted around me and my family. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Burghley and felt the courses were very thorough and I felt ready to start work once I had completed my course. I went on to start my own Beauty & Holistic Business soon after finishing college, which has been a real success and have gone on to offer another student from Burghley Academy full time employment.

Tina was an excellent teacher who was always very professional and supportive on all levels. She was very helpful when I was starting my business with regard to general business advice as well as more practical issues. She always has been and still is a great source of information and support for me and I am hoping to take on another part time student in the near future.

Jayne Reading,

Tina Parsons

  • Dedicated
  • Knowledgeable
  • Passionate
  • A true inspiration
  • My role model

Jo Jackson,
The Ivy Room